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Urban Driving VS Rural Driving

When you are first learning to drive, the chances are that you will stick to the environment in which you live; this typically means that you only experience a certain type of road, either urban or rural.

There are very significant differences in both urban and rural driving and when you move from one to the other for the first time; it can be a real culture shock. Both have their hazards and can be just as dangerous, but if you’re not used to the terrain, it’s not always obvious where the risks lie. Continue reading Urban Driving VS Rural Driving

Driving Test Manoeuvres – the Emergency Stop

Driving Test Manoeuvres

As part of the driving test, every learner could be asked to perform one of any number of manoeuvres, all of which they should have practiced extensively during their lessons.

The emergency stop is an extremely common manoeuvre that an examiner may ask the driver to demonstrate; the statistics suggest that it’s included in at least a third of all driving tests.

Performing the emergency stop isn’t just a matter of stopping as quickly as possible; there are a number of very specific criteria the examiner will be looking for when the manoeuvre is performed. Continue reading Driving Test Manoeuvres – the Emergency Stop