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The most useful lessons ever?

What are the most useful lessons?

Many people opt to take professional driving lessons in order to pass their test, learning how to handle a car and perform the basic manoeuvres.

However, the learning doesn’t stop once the L plates are removed from the car. Having a test certificate doesn’t make you an experienced driver and there are lots more to learn about driving on the road in different conditions. Continue reading The most useful lessons ever?

Driving Instructors Stockport Blog Image Aug 15

Driving test manoeuvres – turn in the road (the three point turn)

When you take your driving test you’ll be expected to perform certain manoeuvres, the three point turn – or turn in the road as it’s sometimes called – being one of these.

The examiner will be looking for certain features as you perform the three point turn: control, smoothness, safety, general awareness, observation skills and use of the clutch, accelerator and brake. You will also be expected to perform the manoeuvre without bumping against the kerb.

Although it might sound complex to a new driver, the three point turn is actually simpler than it sounds. Here are a few pointers to help you complete it with ease. Continue reading Driving test manoeuvres – turn in the road (the three point turn)