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The most useful lessons ever?

What are the most useful lessons?

Many people opt to take professional driving lessons in order to pass their test, learning how to handle a car and perform the basic manoeuvres.

However, the learning doesn’t stop once the L plates are removed from the car. Having a test certificate doesn’t make you an experienced driver and there are lots more to learn about driving on the road in different conditions.

For this reason, a growing number of motorists are opting to have further lessons once they’ve passed their test, to enhance both their confidence and their driving knowledge. We look at some of the key lessons they opt to have.

All weather driving

No matter how easy manoeuvres seem to be when it’s clear, bad weather can be a very different matter. Rain, fog and snow can all cause problems with visibility and increase the risk of skidding. High winds create a whole new set of driving challenges.

Driving Lessons in Stockport

If you’ve never encountered these conditions before, taking some lessons to help you cope with the changing road surface could be invaluable when the time arises.

Even rain can cause more severe problems than you may expect, with reflections and dazzle catching out even experienced drivers.

Your driving instructor might not be able to conjure up the exact driving conditions upon demand but they can help you to practice the skills you’ll need to deal with them, such as skidding at high speeds.

Night driving

Driving at night can seem like a different world and even roads which are familiar can present unexpected difficulties. 

In rural or out of town areas, the challenges of night driving are even more pronounced.

Speed perception can be more difficult at night because there’s less indicators to use. It’s important to be able to judge speed and also spot other road users in time if you want to avoid a nasty accident.

Dazzle is yet again another problem as well as having a narrower field of vision when you drive in places where there are no street lights.

Many drivers say that night lessons are amongst the most valuable to have.

Motorway driving

New drivers often dread getting onto the motorway for the first time but apart from the higher speeds, motorway driving is surprisingly easy.

On the motorways there’s none of the usual hazards which can make driving tricky: no cyclists, pedestrians, roundabouts, right turning vehicles, traffic lights or crossings.

The main things you need to drive well on motorways are a sense of anticipation and observation skills. Without both of these, you’re far more likely to have an accident and because of the higher speeds on motorways, the consequences could be far more severe.

Speed can be a real issue on motorways; drive too slow and you could be a hazard for other drivers. But equally, just because the national speed limit applies doesn’t mean that it’s always safe to drive that quickly. Having the experience to judge the right speed for the road conditions is essential on a motorway.

Taking some time to have a few extra lessons could give you the confidence to drive at faster speeds without feeling flustered.

Worth the effort

Taking lessons after you’ve passed may sound like a strange thing to do, but consolidating your knowledge and building on your base skills could leave you with far superior driving knowledge and the ability to cope with a range of different conditions with confidence.