Manchester is a great city to live, work and study in.
It really is one of the great cities of the world, though locals often forget that!
Just look at the heritage, the culture, the leisure, the entertainment, the jobs, the student life!!!! And we are just scratching the surface.

Manchester – The Student Life

Fallowfield is a well known hotspot for students, less pricey than others areas and plenty of bars and things to do just for students. For years people studying in Manchester have swamped the area of Manchester, and if you are in any part of the world and you meet someone who went to uni here, they know Fallowfield and you’ll get asked is certain pubs are still going lol

Manchester and the curry mile

Who doesn’t love a good curry? Well the fans of Man City when they used to play at Main Road used to pour out of the stadium straight into a local restaurant and experience some of the best curries in the world. Now while Man City have moved around the corner, Rusholme, the curry capital of Manchester still thrives. At night its lit up like a holiday tourist spot and every local will tell you their preferred restaurant.

Football in Manchester

There are two clubs in Manchester, Manchester United and their neighbours FC United of Manchester…ok small joke there, we all know who the second team is.
For 30 years the city of Manchester has dominated English football, putting Manchester on the world map of football to rival Madrid, Barcelona and Milan.
Fans from all over the world travel to games and even training session to catch a glimpse of the players.