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Is It Harder to Learn to Drive in Your Thirties?

For most people turning seventeen means one thing – learning to drive.  For not for everyone and there are many people who, for one reason or another, don’t feel that urge.  They hit their twenties and still never get around to learning to drive.  Then they reach their thirties and the irritation with public transport reaches fever pitch or the person they relied on to drive for them can’t do it anymore.  So they start looking for a driving instructor.  But is it harder to learn to drive in your thirties? Continue reading

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Top Hazards for New Drivers

As a new driver, one of the hardest things to deal with is the number of hazards on the road.  With more vehicles, pedestrians, cyclist and other distractions, you need to be very aware as you drive.  So what principles can you remember to help you be as safe as possible on the road and be aware of those hazards? Continue reading

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Thinking of Learning to Drive? Here are some things to know before you start

Learning to drive is probably one of the most useful and important skills most of us learn in life. Millions of people take to the streets with their driving instructors each year, building up their experience so that they can finally pass their test and take to the roads on their own. It involves a good deal of time, effort and money to learn to drive, however, and finding a good instructor is often half the battle.   Continue reading

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Will Driving on a Motorway be Added to the UK Driving Test?

The driving test has evolved over the last twenty years, designed to demonstrate that our new motorists are in a fit state to take to the road. While most driving skills are covered, to date using the motorway has been excluded. As expert driving instructors in Manchester we are always keeping up to date with the latest changes and information about driving tests so let’s take a look at the issues surrounding this recent proposal.  It’s something that many think should now be included in the test and something that should be incorporated into lessons beforehand. Continue reading

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Sat-Nav Independent Driving to be Added to the Driving Test

We’ve all become used to having a sat-nav guiding us to our destination. It’s easy. All we need to do is drive and listen to the instructions. Over the last ten years, these devices have become increasingly sophisticated, to such a point that many of us simply can’t do without them. Experienced drivers can deal with sat-nav directions and make the decisions on the road that keep them safe. It’s all part of everyday driving. Continue reading

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An Overview of the Practical Driving Test

Once you have had enough driving lessons and feel confident in your abilities, the next stage is to take your test. The practical side of this is by far the most nerve wracking but each individual test follows the same set pattern which means you can prepare for it quite confidently. The practical is there to test your driving ability and not to spring any surprises. Continue reading

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Tips for Learning to Drive in Manchester

Learning to drive in Manchester can be a daunting prospect. There’s all that traffic to contend with and the city never seems to be quiet enough for you to head out onto the road. The good news is that, once you learn to drive in a busy city, your skills will transfer easily to other locations. With a good driving instructor, like the team at you’ll soon grow in confidence and be able to cope with most motoring situations. Continue reading