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The benefits of taking the Pass Plus driving Course

If you’ve never driven on the road before, it can seem a short period of time before you’re given the go-ahead to throw away those L-plates and drive unaccompanied. Freeway driving school will support you until you feel confident and comfortable in taking your test and we also offer the Pass Plus Driving Course if after your test you want to practice some extra driving skills. This is also a great course for those who have not driven in some time and want to get some confidence back. Continue reading The benefits of taking the Pass Plus driving Course

Driving Test Manoeuvres – The Parallel Park

Once you’ve mastered the basics of steering and speed control, driving around town may seem relatively easy but the dreaded driving test manoeuvres are a different matter altogether.

Designed to test new drivers’ precision skills, manoeuvres are an essential part of the driving test, and allow the examiner to assess how accurately the vehicle can be handled.

Parallel parking is arguably one of the most feared out of all the driving test manoeuvres, and although it can take a bit of practice at first, once you know a few insider tips, you’ll be surprised to discover that it’s actually quite easy. Continue reading Driving Test Manoeuvres – The Parallel Park

What is Average?

What is Average? – The answer is, “it depends on your point of view”. There are many different types of average such as mean, mode and median. Each uses a different way to calculate average and the results can be very different depending on which you use. The most commonly used is the mean. This adds up all the numbers and divides by how many numbers there are. Continue reading What is Average?

Driving Lesson Essentials – Before You Start

What you need to know before you start your driving lessons

Getting ready to start your driving lessons can be an exciting and nervous time, and the team at freeway driving school in Manchester can help you learn and pass your test. But before you even get into a car, there are few things you need to do and get. We’ve put together a list of the essential things you need to know before you begin learning to drive, to help you get ready for your first driving lesson. Continue reading Driving Lesson Essentials – Before You Start

Fight Or Flight – Passing Your Test

So the latest passer is Saba Ambreen who had an amazing drive last week at West Didsbury Test Center and managed to pass with only 2 minor faults. This carries on a great standard for the year so far for me as every pupil that has passed with me in 2014 has had only 4 minors or less. I can only thank all my pupils for setting such a high standard and really pulling it out of the bag on the day.  Continue reading Fight Or Flight – Passing Your Test

One Size Doesn’t Fit All – How to Learn to Drive

Well it’s February already and this year seems to get busier and busier. Although I haven’t had any tests this week I have just had my busiest week so far and next week is set to be even more so. I have had 3 new learners this week all getting behind the wheel for the first time. It never ceases to amaze me just how diverse different people can be in their learning abilities, style and also speed of learning. I am constantly proving the theory wrong about older learners progressing more slowly as I find they listen and absorb briefings much easier than a teenager who just wants to get in the car and drive. That said it’s the fearless approach of such teenagers often does help them grasp the basics quickly. Continue reading One Size Doesn’t Fit All – How to Learn to Drive