Why Should I Learn To Drive Anyway?

As you can see on the homepage Alex Evans has become the latest Freeway success story passing at West Didsbury Test Center on Monday 3rd March. I really don’t know what’s going on lately but Alex passed again with only 2 minor faults carrying on the great results we have seen with such consistency this year.

There are many issues facing new drivers who have recently passed their test. Those looking to get on the road straight away have the exciting yet daunting task of buying a car. This brings with it a whole host of issues. The first is cost and how much you can afford. Then you have to insure it which can be more costly than the car itself. Once you have overcome these financial hurdles you can then get on the road but the costs don’t stop there. You have to put fuel in the car, tax it, get a regular mot and service and then maybe any repairs and maintenance that it needs. There is no hiding the fact that right from the beginning driving is an expensive thing to do. So why do so many people want to learn to drive?

The answer is because it’s worth it. It’s a life skill. It gives you independence, freedom and liberation. The question should be: Why would you not want to learn to drive? 

When you’re off to work/college/university on a bus on a cold, wet, gloomy day and a friend drives past the bus stop and offers you a lift is there any way on earth you would reply with “I’m ok getting the bus actually but thanks anyway”? No, you would gladly accept and be extremely grateful that your friend saved you from the daily horror that is public transport. Many jobs these days require you to have a driving license so it is a big plus on the C.V. also. Even if it’s not a driving job you want an employer will always view the candidate with a driving license as more reliable. Who wants an employee working for them who regularly rolls to work 15 minutes late giving the excuse “the bus was late again”? What about down time too? Nobody goes for a leisurely Sunday afternoon taxi ride do they? Being able to just get in your car and drive any time you choose is liberating even if you don’t ever do it. It’s just the idea that you could if you wanted.

Let’s face it a vast majority of the population have a license and most of them own at least one car. This is despite the cost of everything. If you want something enough you will find a way to get it despite the cost. Very rarely will a person get through life without needing to learn to drive at some point and those that don’t will more than likely regret never learning. I have yet to come across anyone who learnt to drive, bought a car and later decided to give it all up because they missed the public transport commute. Nobody ever goes back!. Start your journey of a life time here at www.freewaydrivingschool.com