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How Much is Insurance for New Drivers?

You’ve passed your driving test – congrats – you have a new car and you’re ready to go. The next big task is to get the right insurance. This can be a daunting prospect for new drivers, delivering a sobering hit to the bank balance that probably wasn’t quite what they expected.

Pass Your Driving Test in Fallowfield

Insurance companies generally see new drivers as a greater risk. The statistics back this up. Almost one out of five new drivers will have some sort of accident within the first year after passing their test. Younger drivers are also a lot more likely to be involved in a fatality. It’s no wonder, therefore, that new drivers are likely to pay a higher price for their coverage than older, experienced ones.

The average cost of insurance for new drivers has come down a little in recent years but it still stands at around £1,290 per year which is a pretty sizeable outlay. That doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to reduce the amount you pay.

Making Sure You Are Covered

You need to ensure that you are properly covered. The penalties of driving without the right insurance can be big and could even give you a criminal record and points on your licence. It’s simply not worth skimping on your cover just to save a few pounds.

Great Ways to Reduce Your Insurance Costs

  • Choice of car: One thing that can boost your insurance costs is choosing the wrong car in the first place. High performance vehicles might look attractive but you’ll be saddling yourself with a much higher premium if you are considered an inexperienced driver. It’s worth checking insurance bands for different models before you rush out and buy that car.
  • Shopping around: As with anything it pays to shop around. Going online can often give you access to better deals and you shouldn’t settle on the first quote you get offered. Look for at least four or even five quotes and then give yourself a cooling off period before parting with your hard earned cash.
  • Mileage is important: This works on the basis of how long you are going to be on the road. The lower your yearly mileage, the lower the premium because you are perceived as less of a risk. A word of warning though – be realistic about how much you are going to be using your car.
  • Black box insurance: This is a recent innovation and basically means installing a recording device in your car that measures your driving performance. This allows any provider to build a better understanding of your driving behaviour and then offer you lower premium rates if you meet their criteria. If you are a safe driver, your insurance will come down.
  • Improve your driving: You can opt to take an advanced driving course which improves your skills and may impress insurance companies enough to offer you a lower premium.

Other factors can help reduce the level of premiums that you pay. If you are parking your car in a secure garage rather than out on the street, you should expect to make more savings because you are less at risk of the vehicle being stolen or damaged. You can also decide to accept a higher excess – the amount you personally pay before the insurance company has to – but you need to be able to cover that money if you find you have to claim.

The good news is that the more experience you get, the older you become and the more you stay claim free, the cheaper your car insurance will become. In the meantime, follow the tips above and you should be able to knock valuable pounds off your first year’s premium. For expert driving lessons in and around Manchester contact Freeway Driving School today.