Converting From A Foreign Licence

This week we say congratulations to Shartel Warden for passing his test first time at West Didsbury Test Center.You may remember seeing Shartels wife Sharon Warden on the home page a couple of weeks ago after also passing her test first time. Sharon has since given birth to their second son and now hubby has a licence too she says it’s a great help.

The Wardens faced a very different challenge in their experiences than most learners as they have both been driving for many years in the USA. Sharon is from Southern California and Shartel originally from Texas and they moved to the UK due to work commitments. Having passed the US test a while ago they have both been driving for a while and have had plenty of time to pick up a few bad habits making the UK car test quite difficult even for experienced drivers like Sharon and Shartel. Firstly the test they took across the water consisted of not much more than a 15 minute drive round the block and then a straight reverse. (If only it were that easy!). Secondly they have been used to driving on the wrong (right) side of the road. To prepare for the UK test we had our work cut out abandoning some of the core traits they had engrained quite deeply in their approach to driving but both their hard work paid off as they now both hold a full UK car licence. 

Although the government allow people who move here from certain countries to simply “swap” their foreign licence for a full UK one there are many countries where this isn’t the case. The deciding factor often lies in our governments perception of hoe said countries test their drivers. E.g. If we decide that their test and road conditions matches out own high standards (of which we boast some of the best in the world) then immigrants can just swap. However if their test is considered not stringent enough for our roads or they drive on the opposite side then they can only swap for a provisional licence and will then have to sit both Theory and Practical Test for a full privilege the same as you and me. Most foreign drivers are allowed to drive unaccompanied for a certain period of time but when that time is up its time for the test. Freeway Driving School has helped many people over the years convert their licences to UK ones from such counties as USA, Pakistan, Romania, India, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Switzerland, Turkey and Iran to name just a few. Phone today to take the first step towards converting to a legal Full UK Car licence.