The benefits of taking the Pass Plus driving Course

If you’ve never driven on the road before, it can seem a short period of time before you’re given the go-ahead to throw away those L-plates and drive unaccompanied. Freeway driving school will support you until you feel confident and comfortable in taking your test and we also offer the Pass Plus Driving Course if after your test you want to practice some extra driving skills. This is also a great course for those who have not driven in some time and want to get some confidence back.

Being able to perform a few simple manoeuvres and drive a relatively small distance without any major errors is all it takes to demonstrate your prowess behind the steering wheel, yet becoming a genuinely safe and secure driver takes much longer.

There’s no substitute for experience and having more time with expert tuition and being coached through more challenging road conditions is an undoubted benefit. And that’s one of the reasons why the Pass Plus driving course remains a popular choice.

Here’s a closer look at the Pass Plus driving course and what it involves.

What is Pass Plus?

The Pass Plus driving course is a voluntary set of lessons which are taken after the regular driving test has been passed.

No matter what happens during Pass Plus lessons, your driving licence can’t be revoked on the basis of not being a competent driver so there’s no need to worry that you’ll flunk and lose what you’ve previously gained.

Pass Plus takes new drivers through a series of more difficult roads and driving conditions, ones that they probably would not have experienced during their learner lessons. Some of the areas which could well be included are night driving, motorways, rural roads, dual carriageways, all weather conditions and town driving.

The Pass Plus was originally introduced in 1995 and was a joint project between British insurers and the Driving Standards Agency.

Safety benefits

The statistics show that many more young drivers are involved in car accidents than any other age bracket, presumably due to their comparative lack of experience on the road.

A quarter of all people killed in road traffic accidents are either the driver or a passenger of a motorist aged between 17 and 25. Yet this age group only makes up 12% of all drivers on the road, leaving the statistics to show the significantly higher risk.

Pass Plus provides a way to get more experience on the roads, including in conditions which could be potentially dangerous. If you’ve only ever driven at 40mph before, suddenly being exposed to vast swathes of traffic driving at 70mph in close proximity on the motorway can be extremely daunting.

Pass Plus allows new drivers to gain more confidence and teaches them advanced skills which will improve their overall safety, both for them and other road users.

Financial benefits

But although there are undoubted safety benefits to getting more expert tuition and experimenting with different road conditions and situations, there are other advantages as well.

The Pass Plus system was designed with help from the car insurance industry and the Association of British Insurers still lists it as one of the best ways to get a discount on a quote.

Car insurance isn’t cheap, especially for new drivers, but some insurers provide a discount for motorists who have taken a Pass Plus course. This is because it shows not just enhanced driving skills, but a willingness to take safety seriously and the commitment to learning how to be the safest driver possible.

These are extremely attractive qualities for insurers and although new drivers will always remain a high risk category, the Pass Plus course can substantially reduce the cost of insurance.

New drivers typically fall into one of two groups: either over confident or under confident on the roads. But no matter which group you belong to, a Pass Plus course will be of benefit.

Helping to provide reassurance to nervous drivers and valuable experience to over-confident drivers, the Pass Plus course is a very useful addition. The opportunity to get more expert tuition to become the best driver possible should be grabbed with both hands, not just for your own safety, but for the benefit of your bank balance too! Contact Freeway Driving School today to find out more about this course and how to book.