What is Average?

What is Average? – The answer is, “it depends on your point of view”. There are many different types of average such as mean, mode and https://pro-mark-pharmacies.com/nizagara-instruction/ median. Each uses a different way to calculate average and the results can be very different depending on which you use. The most commonly used is the mean. This adds up all the numbers and divides by how many numbers there are.

The DVSA says that it takes the average 17 year old around 40 hours of driving lessons as well as 20 hours of private practice (usually in mum’s or dad’s car) to pass the current practical driving test. A statistic like this is only useful if you are an average person, but as you don’t know what type of average it refers to, it is of virtually no use at all. I get asked all the time, mainly from pupils on their first lesson, “how many lessons will it take to pass my test?” My answer is always “it depends on you”.

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This week for example, Umair Sheikh passed his driving test at Bredbury test centre with only 5 driver faults and he is a great example to prove my point. Umair is 25 so, according to the DVSA stats, he should have taken nearly 50 hours of regular lessons if he was to be described as “average”. He actually took only 22 hours of lessons from never having sat in the driver’s seat before, to passing first time. The stats say that somebody of outstanding ability at this age should take at least 35 hours. This however isn’t as rare as it seems. I have had many a pupil over the years defy the statisticians on many occasions with the majority of cases under, rather than over the average. If I was to work out my “modal” average (meaning the result that occurs most often) I could confidently say that on average you will pass first time with me. This is a good example of manipulation of statistics. All this takes is for more than half my learners to pass first time. A statistic you would hope to hear from any good driving instructor, but how this translates into an actual first time pass percentage is a different matter. It could be anywhere between 50 and 100 % first time passes. My point is not to trust anyone claiming to be great due to an average. Even the DVSA, who govern the whole thing, are manipulating statistics one way or another.

There is no such thing as an average person. How fast you learn depends on you and not your instructor’s average. At Freeway Driving School you will be taught the whole range of skills that driving demands. From spatial awareness to forward planning, hazard perception to risk management and observational skills to use of speed. Everyone will have at least some knowledge or understanding of at least some of the skills required for learning to drive before they get in the driver’s seat, but everybody will be different. We teach to your individual strengths and develop you into the safest and most knowledgeable driver you can be in the shortest time so you can reach your goal. After all, it’s about you, not the statistics!

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