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Tips for Learning to Drive in Manchester

Learning to drive in Manchester can be a daunting prospect. There’s all that traffic to contend with and the city never seems to be quiet enough for you to head out onto the road. The good news is that, once you learn to drive in a busy city, your skills will transfer easily to other locations. With a good driving instructor, like the team at freewaydrivingschool.com you’ll soon grow in confidence and be able to cope with most motoring situations.

Pick the Right Driving Instructor

You will want to hire an instructor that fits with you. There is generally more choice in big cities like Manchester because there is simply a larger customer base. There will be a mix of big companies and smaller, one man instructor outfits to choose from, so make sure that you do your research. Check out the great reviews and pass rates of Freeway Driving School in Manchester give them a call to get your questions answered and book your lessons in!

Get to Know Your Streets

There is a lot more in the way of challenges in a city like Manchester when you are learning to drive. The traffic is denser, there are lots of one way systems, traffic lights and distractions like bus and cycle lanes to contend with. Getting to know the area where you are going to be learning to drive is important. Most non-drivers look at the world from a pedestrian’s point of view. It pays to start looking at the world from a motorist’s point of view as quickly as possible. Look at how drivers cope with certain traffic situations and think about what you would do in such circumstances.

Pick Quiet Times

When you’re first setting out on the road to learn to drive, picking quiet times is a good idea. Sundays are normally not as busy as during work days and evenings, when everyone has gone home, can certainly be easier to navigate. Having said that, not all parts of the city are chock full of traffic during the day – there are plenty of suburbs where you can learn the basics of driving and your instructor will normally take you to these when you are first starting out.

Driving in the City

Driving in a city like Manchester will build stronger skills. You have to concentrate more and learn how to anticipate and read the traffic around you. Pick the right instructor and you’ll probably have a head start on learners who live in quiet towns elsewhere. The good news is that your instructor has dual control of the car and they’ll be able to prevent you causing any problems due to your inexperience.

Try to Stay Relaxed

When you drive in a city for the first time it can be a nervy time. You’re not quite sure if you have the skills and you’re worried about all the traffic around you. Your instructor won’t take you out into heavy traffic unless they think you are ready. Try to stay relaxed and alert – the more you drive in the city, the more you’ll realise that this is something you can really do. You’ll become aware of the motorists and other road users around you and begin to understand the rhythm of the city.