Happy New Year

First of all I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year.  So we are only a week in and I have kicked off the New Year with 3 test passes already. Lara Frankland and Leah Hilton both passed last week at West Didsbury Test Centre and Georgia Worthington passed this week at Sale Test Centre. The strange thing is all 3 of them passed with just 3 minor driver faults.

I first asked myself if this is some kind of strange new marking system for the New Year. But I’m sure it is far more likely to be a weird coincidence. Having said that I suppose we will have to see what develops over the course of the year ahead to find out for sure

I’m often asked about how the driving test is marked and is there a best time of day, day of the week or week of the month to do a driving test. First of all I would like to say all of the following information is based on my experience as a DSA approved Driving Instructor and that none of the information is provided by the DSA. I am 100 per cent certain that the examiners do not have an allocation for how many people they pass or fail over any measured period. Therefore you are no more likely to pass whatever day your test falls on. All the examiners and also test centres themselves are continuously monitored to make sure they are always fair and correct and are doing their jobs correctly. Any examiner found not to be doing this will be retrained and made sure they are working to the same standard across the country. 

There are a thousand conspiracy stories around about driving tests but if any of these were ever proved to be true then it would raise questions about the whole driving test process and would throw the industry into disarray. It often seems like certain patterns are emerging and that some examiners are more lenient than others. Some gain reputations about never passing anyone and earn themselves nicknames as a result such as “Failure Fred”. The truth is all the examiners I have ever encountered have been different in approach, personality, friendliness and how they conduct the test, but all have been fair and professional. Yes all examiners are slightly different as they are just people like you and me, but one thing that is always the same is the way the test is marked.

If you drive well on the day you will pass, if you make a mistake you may have to go back and try again. The point is it’s about you and how you drive and display what you have learned. It’s not about the test centre, examiner or time of day. It’s about you. Good luck on the test.

The Freeway competition is now closed. Keep checking back as the winner will be announced soon.