Driving Test Manoeuvres – Reversing Around a Corner

One of the staples tasks of any driving test, reversing around a corner, is designed to highlight your skills of observation as well as being aware how your skills are utilised in a manoeuvre that is dependent on mirrors and the ability to navigate a course backwards. Along with reverse parking, it is particularly challenging and one of the test areas that new drivers often struggle with.

How to reverse around a corner during your test:

At some point you will be asked in your test to draw up to the curb and perform a reverse around a corner. As you pass the junction you should be careful to make a quick note of the type of corner and any possible obstructions, including cars and people, that are there. You will pull up about half a metre from the curb and come to a halt about the length of two cars away from the junction. Having signalled that you intend to pull into the curb, you stop and turn off your indicator light.

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Before starting the driving test manoeuvres, you will need to check around you by turning to the rear of the car and by also checking your mirrors. Put the vehicle in reverse and turn to look over your left shoulder at the rear window. You should be able to see the curb begin to move into the left rear side window and at this point need to slowly turn the wheel to the left. If it is a sharp corner you will need to turn the whole wheel but if it is a slight curve you will need to turn more gradually.

Manchester Driving School Reverse Around a Croner Driving Test Manoeuvres ImageAs you turn, more observation is needed as the front of your vehicle will start to move out into the road. Make sure no traffic is coming from any part of the road and that there are no pedestrians.

If you see a vehicle coming up behind you on the road that you are reversing down then stop and resume when it has passed. The same goes if you see any vehicle passing across the road ahead.

Once the car has turned down into the junction and you are running alongside the curb then you need to straighten the wheels so that you are travelling in a straight line again. The examiner will normally tell you when to stop the manoeuvre at which point you should put on the handbrake and wait for the next instruction.

What the Examiner is Looking for:

There are a number of things that you are being tested on here. First you need to show that you can perform the manoeuvre safely and correctly. You need to have close control of the car and be able to maintain a sensible distance to the curb which means you don’t want to mount it or end up too far away from the edge of the road. Of equal importance are your observational skills. You will need to constantly check for other road users and pedestrians and reacting in an appropriate manner.

Preparation for Reversing Round a Corner

As with most driving skills, practice makes perfect. Reversing round a corner is one of the more demanding driving manoeuvres for beginners and can be particularly difficult if you are trying it under the stressful conditions of an examination. The more you practice with the help of an approved driving instructor, the more confident you will become and the less of a problem it will be on the day of the test.

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