Taking Your Driving Test in a Different Car from your Instructor

You have the option of taking your driving test in any car, as long as it is roadworthy and the examiner agrees. You don’t have to opt for your instructor’s vehicle, even if you have done most of your training in it. You may have taken additional lessons in another car and think you are better at driving this model or you might just want a change, as if taking a driving test was not difficult enough!

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If you are considering taking your test in a different vehicle to the one you trained in then the following advice might help change your mind and increase your chances of passing your driving test.

Unfamiliar surroundings:

If you have spent all your time driving an instructor’s car you will be used to the surroundings, the height of the seat above the ground, the amount you have to turn to do a reverse park, where the gear stick is and how it behaves in your hand, not to mention how the pedals and wheel perform when you turn or press them. A lot of what we do when we drive becomes second nature but swapping to a new car always takes a period of adjustment, even for the most experience motorist.

Is it equipped?

If you want to use a different car for your test you will need to ensure that it meets certain requirements. You might gather that it needs to be in a suitable condition and have four wheels but you may not realise that it also needs to have seatbelts fitted for the examiner and have a mirror that he or she can use to observe your eye movements. You will also require L plates on the car and a speedometer that registers both kilometres and miles per hour.

Too much power

An examiner is not going to let you take your test in a car that has too much power. If you are upping your wheels from a hatchback to something with a little more kick then you are more likely than not going to be refused. Cars with more power need a much lighter touch than other vehicles and it often takes some experience before you should consider upgrading to a Porsche.

Will the examiner let you?

Opting to drive another vehicle brings us to the main area of contention – is your examiner willing to let you drive in this particular car. Many will prefer to see you driving in the instructor’s car not only for your sake but also for their own safety. It has been used before and it is equipped to do the job.

Why it’s best to stay with the car you learned in

Yes, you may have practiced in another car and might even feel more comfortable in that vehicle but you are probably still better off using one that is designed specifically for the purpose. An instructor’s car has the relevant equipment installed and is up to the standard any examiner would expect. Knowing which car you are going to take your test in also makes it easier to prepare more fully for the examination.

There aren’t many reasons why you should swap to a different car when you take your driving test. There will be plenty of time for that when you pass and get your first vehicle. Contact us today if you want to learn to drive in and around the Manchester area.