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Driving Test: Show Me Tell Me Questions

Before you begin the practical side of any driving test you will be asked some simple questions. The first is designed to test your eyesight and has been part of the driving test since its beginnings. Assuming a candidate passes this then there will be two questions about the general safety/functioning of the vehicle – usually called the ‘Show Me Tell Me’ part of the driving test.

Driving Lessons in Fallowfield

In the show me question, the examiner will ask you to carry out a safety routine on the vehicle such as how you check the brake lights are working or how you would clean the windscreen. In the tell me question you will simply be asked to explain to the examiner how you would carry out a particular task such as how to check your tyres have the right pressure.

Show Me Tell Me was introduced back in 2003 and has recently been updated so that it now includes 19 questions about car safety and maintenance. The questions are asked in specific combinations but if you know all 19 answers you shouldn’t find any problems. They are designed to make sure that you are able to cope with running your car properly, particularly how to spot a problem such as low tyre tread or insufficient brake oil.

As a motorist you are more likely to be stopped for a spot check to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy than ever before. The truth is that the majority of people don’t know the basics of their own car and having just some rudimentary knowledge can often help prevent problems and ensure you stay safe on the road. It is always a good idea to undertake regular checks such as your indicator and break lights and whether you have enough oil, especially if you are heading out on a long journey.

It can also be costly not to undertake regular checks – if a police car or traffic patrol spots you driving with a break light not working you will be liable for an on the spot fine and if your tyres don’t have enough tread there could be points on your licence.

The good news is that the show me tell me questions are easy to learn and form only a small part of the whole test. Whilst you are probably going to be more worried about other things such as your three point turn and reversing around the corner, the couple of questions at the start of the exam are equally important to get right.

Your driving instructor should take you through the list of questions more than once, making sure you know where to find things on the car you will be using such as the oil gauge, coolant box, what to look for on the dashboard if there is an engine problem or how to engage the fog lights. By the time you have finished your driving lessons you will certainly know at least half the questions by heart anyway so there shouldn’t be much extra learning to do.

Getting the show me tell me questions right can give you a great start and boost your confidence ahead of the more demanding practical side of the test. They are not only important for the test but also when you go out onto the road as a fully qualified motorist, ensuring you stay safe and secure whatever car you are driving.

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