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Driving Test: Show Me Tell Me Questions

Before you begin the practical side of any driving test you will be asked some simple questions. The first is designed to test your eyesight and has been part of the driving test since its beginnings. Assuming a candidate passes this then there will be two questions about the general safety/functioning of the vehicle – usually called the ‘Show Me Tell Me’ part of the driving test. Continue reading

Driving Lessons in Greater Manchester Reverse into a Bay Image

Driving Test Manoeuvres – Reversing into a Parking Bay

Driving Test Manoeuvres

As a driver, being able to reverse into a parking bay is one of the most useful manoeuvres to be able to perform, and is a key manoeuvre to learn for your Driving Test.

Whether you’re out shopping or parking up outside your home, parking bays can be found everywhere.

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Reversing isn’t always the easiest skill to master so here’s some tips about how to perform the manoeuvre successfully. Continue reading