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Driving Tests Around the World

You might be surprised that learning to drive and taking that dreaded test is different depending on where you live in the world. If you’re fretting over the theory exam here in the UK or can’t get the hang of your hill start, give a thought to some other people taking driving tests in America, India or China.

While some might seem much easier than in this country, there are others that might make you glad you’re learning in the UK.

Only in America

In the USA you can drive legally, in some states, at the age of just 14. While that may seem too young, if you live in other parts of the land of the free, you could well have to wait until 21. In truth, it’s not the hardest test in the world and involves completing 6 months in a special driving programme before you are allowed to drive on proper roads. Licences are often granted with certain stipulations such as not being able to drive at a certain time of night or not being able to carry your friends in your new car.

The Difficulty of South Africa

You may well be thankful that you have the UK driving test when you see what drivers in South Africa have to do. First of all, you can’t even think about getting behind the wheel until you are 18 years old and then you have to undertake a yard test, where you need to know some car maintenance stuff, and an actual test on the road. You lose points if you make small mistakes such as not putting on the handbrake when at a stop and the rate of passing the exam is under 40%. The good news is, if you have enough money in your bank account, you can bribe the driving test supervisor to ignore all those little mistakes.

Japan is Tough

If you want a really difficult place to pass your driving test, then Japan is up there with the best. The driving test takes place on a specially designed course and there are instant fails like catching the kerb or not keeping right to the left hand side of the road. The pass rate is not high, as you may imagine, and you also have to remember to check under your car before driving off, just to make sure there are no animals or children hiding there.

No Test in Mexico

And finally, if you thought it would be much better if you didn’t need to take a test at all then perhaps you should move to Mexico. You can’t drive until you are 18 but if you have £28 in your pocket you can get a licence and start motoring around the streets, no lessons needed. In the UAE, they do their driving tests in bulk with four people in the car at a time who take turns driving the car before being either passed or failed. Not many people finish without being awarded a full driving licence.

The road conditions you come across in different countries might also amaze you. While we in the UK need to learn how to overtake another vehicle, in India you have to navigate people, cyclists and the odd elephant if you want to get around safely.

So while the test in the UK might be a little harder than in some parts of the world, at least you are safe to drive on the road. For driving lessons in Manchester, contact Freeway Driving School to get you on your way to that driving test and driving licence!