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Learning to Drive: Manual Vs Automatic

You have two choices on the type of car you can learn to drive in: manual where you have to change gears by hand or automatic where the gears are changed for you by the car. When you are developing the skills to drive a car, one initial difficulty comes with changing gear and you might be forgiven for thinking that swapping to automatic will make things a whole lot easier. Continue reading

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Did you know you no longer need your Counterpart Driving Licence?

Counterpart Driving Licence

The paper counterpart of the driving licence has now been axed and is no longer valid in the UK, with drivers all over the country now left with useless green scraps of paper.

The counterpart has been replaced by an online system which is designed to be far more efficient and modern.

But although there’s been some publicity about the switchover, not everyone is aware of exactly what’s happened and why. Here’s some more information. Continue reading

Driving Lessons in Greater Manchester Reverse into a Bay Image

Driving Test Manoeuvres – Reversing into a Parking Bay

Driving Test Manoeuvres

As a driver, being able to reverse into a parking bay is one of the most useful manoeuvres to be able to perform, and is a key manoeuvre to learn for your Driving Test.

Whether you’re out shopping or parking up outside your home, parking bays can be found everywhere.

Driving School in Altrincham

Reversing isn’t always the easiest skill to master so here’s some tips about how to perform the manoeuvre successfully. Continue reading