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How to prepare for your driving theory test

In order to get your driving licence, you’ll have to first pass your theory test before taking the practical examination.

The theory test is split into two sections and is designed to test both your knowledge of the Highway Code as well as your hazard perception. The first section is multiple choice and the last part is an interactive video test. The driving theory test is designed to ensure the safety of new road users entering the road network.

Here are a few hints and tips about how to successfully prepare for your driving theory test.

Read, read, read

The first part of the theory test focuses entirely on your knowledge and checks your understanding of the Highway Code and how it applies.

With a bank of around of 1000 questions, you’ll be asked 50 and you’ll need to get at least 43 right to pass this section.

You won’t be able to do this without some serious swatting so before the test is due, hit the books and read up. Some bits of information you might never need (such as rules about towing a caravan) but it’s important to make sure you’ve got a comprehensive knowledge of the entire Code just in case it arises during your test.

Use of technology

Although you can simply study the text books, there’s lots of other ways to prepare for your driving theory test too.

You can’t get away from putting in the work, but it’s possible to use a variety of methods to make the revision more interesting.

Some apps can also provide practical help with preparing for your hazard perception test, allowing you to see how good your skills are in spotting dangers and risks.

Practice your awareness

When you’re out on the road, even if you’re not behind the wheel, you can practice your awareness of potential and developing hazards.

Keep a look out and see if you can spot situations which have the possibility of presenting a risk to a driver. Keeping this constantly in mind will allow you eventually start to instinctively become aware of hazards, which will not only help you pass your theory test but will make you a much better driver too.

Do a dry run

You might be feeling confident, or perhaps you’re feeling as if you’ll never be able to learn it all, but until you take the test you won’t know exactly how you’re doing.

When you think you’re more or less ready and your test date is approaching, do a mock test to see how you fare. You could be surprised at the results and it will give you a good indication on the areas you need to focus further on.

And finally the day of the theory test

Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Although revision is vital, trying to cram everything in at the last minute and sitting up late the night before is rarely a recipe for success.

The hazard perception test needs an alert mind and eyes, and a late night won’t be conducive to this. If you have an early night and try to relax, you’ll stand a far better chance of passing your theory test and the whole process will feel far less stressful too.