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The benefits of a driving refresh

When you’re learning to drive, taking lessons is par for the course but just because you’ve passed your test doesn’t mean you will never need the services of a driving instructor again.

There are lots of reasons why it might be beneficial to book a driving refresh; here’s just a few.

Bad habits

Once you’ve passed your test, the chances are that you will gradually forget the formulaic way that you will have been taught and will develop your own style and habits.

This can be positive and will help your driving to become more instinctive and natural. However, it’s also possible that you might develop a few bad habits which could increase the risk to both yourself and other road users.

If you’ve been driving a while, booking a refresh is a great opportunity to have your driving assessed and any bad habits pointed out, and corrected.

Nervous drivers

If you’ve passed your test but never really gained your confidence behind the wheel, you might find it beneficial to have a driving refresh.

Nervous drivers or those who lack confidence might avoiding driving or even worse, be a hazard on the roads. A driving refresh can build on the existing skills and instill a sense of belief.

Some drivers only feel uncomfortable in certain situations, such as on country roads or during rush hour. A driving refresh could address the types of driving that are more difficult, providing a more focused session or two.

Returning drivers

Being away from the road for a while could mean that your driving skills are a little bit rusty when you return.

Rather than just plunging in and risking an accident, it’s an excellent idea to have a driving refresh instead. This will help you re-familiarise yourself with being behind the wheel and will help you regain confidence. Some people can slide right back in very quickly while others need a bit more time to driving again, so the number of lessons you have very much depends on your personal attitude and possibly how long since you last drove a car.


If you have been penalised for drink driving or have racked up too many points for other misdemeanour’s and have lost your licence as a result, you might need to attend a driving refresh as part of your remedial actions.

Driving refresh courses can be long or short, and in these cases, can focus on the importance of safety. In some cases a driving refresh may be offered as an alternative to other types of punishment and can help the individual to become a better driver in the long run.

Change in vehicles

In most cases switching from one car to another doesn’t require much time to become acclimatised but if there’s a significant change, getting some expert advice could be useful.

Whether it’s moving up to a much larger engine or body size, or changing from an automatic transmission to manual, a driving refresh can help to make sure you feel safe in your new car.

A driving refresh can be beneficial in many different types of situation; the above list just provides a few examples. As drivers, we should never stop learning and improving and refresh lessons are a great way to do just that.