Driving School Manchester Test Rescue Lessons

What are Test Rescue Lessons?

Failing a driving test is not the end of the world although it might seem that way at the time. While you will come away with obvious disappointment, you’ll also have a good idea of where you went wrong and where your weaknesses lie.

Once over the initial let-down, one option could be test rescue lessons where you can tailor your instruction to address particular problems that were raised by the invigilator. Ironing out these issues will not only make you a better driver but also supply the confidence to take on the challenge of your next test.

Last year’s statistics showed that only 21% of those taking their driving test for the first time actually passed. Across the country, the pass rates in all driving tests was still just under 50%. There may be a number of reasons for failing, including first time nerves or simply making mistakes on the day.

One major contributory factor is that many learners are going into their test underprepared. There is a growing trend for learners nowadays to book their practical exam before they have even started taking lessons. While this might seem like the sensible option, it could mean that, by the time your test comes round, you are not fully up to speed.

The Benefits of Driving Test Rescue Lessons

Whether you have failed your first test, your second, third or fourth, now is the time to take a more focused approach. You need to look at why you failed and what can be done about it to improve your chances.

Test rescue lessons are designed to immediately address those weaknesses that caused a problem during the test. This might be something simple like practicing your hill start, using your observational skills more effectively or it could be something psychological including working on your lack of confidence or finding ways to handle your nerves on the big day.

A number of instructors provide test rescue lessons that can help you do all this. You don’t necessarily have to return to your previous instructor either. In fact, it’s sometimes useful to get the viewpoint of a totally different person who can look at your existing skills with fresh eyes.

Any driving test rescue course starts with a full and honest appraisal of how you did during your test. This will be done in consultation with you and a good instructor who should quickly get a handle on what aspects of your driving performance need to be improved. The test rescue instructor should also delve a little deeper and have a chat about your past experience of driving. The next step is to put together an action plan that will bring you up to speed in the areas that matter.

Driving test rescue courses generally take place over a short time, perhaps five hours of lessons in all, designed to focus on particular issues. They not only drill you to perform these tasks better, so that you don’t fail on them in your next test, but can also give you a confidence boost that gets you over the initial disappointment of failing.

The benefits of a driving test rescue course are that you get to address your faults fairly quickly and practice these areas until you are more comfortable with them. While you will have to wait a little longer for your next test, at least you will have the confidence in knowing you’ve put in the hard yards to address your shortcomings.