Driving School in Altrincham Top Tips for Parents When Your Child is Learning to Drive

Top Tips for Parents When Your Child is Learning to Drive

There can be nothing more exciting for a teenager than when they first begin to learn to drive. For many parents it can also elicit a conflicting mix of pride and worry as they wonder how their son or daughter is going to fare behind the wheel and whether they will be safe. There’s also the question of cost and whether you are going to let them drive your car to help them learn.

Preparing Your Child for Driving

Before you even think about what kind of driver your child is going to be, perhaps it’s good time to look at your own motoring behaviours. We generally pick up habits from the people around us and if you are constantly flouting the speed limit or getting a little angry at slow coaches on the road then it’s a good idea to address these before you expect your child to follow in your footsteps.

You can start your child learning early, especially in areas such as the highway code, getting them to spot and identify signs as you drive along. The driving test is a lot more difficult nowadays and the theory test can be troublesome if theory is not a strong point. The sooner you begin, the better you will be prepared when the test comes round.

Talking your child through your decision making and what is needed to drive safely can also be effective before they actually get behind the wheel. It shows how to drive safely and the numerous things, as drivers, we often take for granted.

Planning and Paying for Lessons

While it can be expensive nowadays to learn to drive, having lessons from a qualified instructor is vital. Of course, you may want to mix these with lessons in your own car so that you can cut down the costs. It pays to plan ahead and look at how many and how often you are going to have lessons with an instructor.

It also pays to communicate this with your instructor – they are likely to say that you need your child to be at a certain level before letting them take control of your own car and it’s difficult to disagree with this viewpoint.

Getting Behind the Wheel with You

There are some parents who will want to provide much of the tutoring for their child when they are learning to drive. You need to make an informed decision on this and there are a number of factors to take into account:

  • First of all, you will have to put your child onto your insurance as a driver with a provisional licence. This will add cost onto your premiums and will also depend on the type of car that you are driving.
  • You need to decide what car you are going to be learning in. If you have a powerful 4X4 that stands high off the ground this is not necessarily an appropriate vehicle to learn in.
  • One question many parents fail to ask is whether they are actually up to the job. Teaching someone to drive is not as easy as it sounds especially since you have the added disadvantage of not being in control of the car as a qualified instructor is.
  • You need the right temperament and the patience to deal with someone who is learning a new skill that has numerous hazards associated with it. That’s why many instructors will advise bringing the child up to speed more formally before getting behind the wheel of the family car.
  • If you are taking your child out for a driving lesson, it is a good idea to plan your route. Most instructors have certain roads and circuits that test out different aspects of driving such as going on a dual carriageway or somewhere a three-point turn can be practiced.

Learning to drive is without doubt the pinnacle of many teenager’s young lives and having the right plans in place and the providing all the support they need can ensure they stay safe. For professional driving lessons in and around Manchester contact Freeway Driving School today for a competitive quote and excellent lesson plans.